Top 25 Highest Paying Careers for College Graduates in 2019

Top 25 Highest Paying Careers for College Graduates in 2019

Every year, millions of college students graduate, hoping to get absorbed by the job market and hopefully get a handsome paycheck. The reality though, is that not every career is as lucrative as they had always believed.

And, it is true, not every career is capable of paying handsomely, according to the CNBC. The few that reward well fall under the STEM category, which again isn’t surprising at all.

The following are possibly the most, well-paying industries one could pursue a career at.

25 Highest Paying Careers for College Graduates

1. Petroleum engineering: up to $176,300

The reward for expertly designing a method and the equipment used in off-shore, underwater oil drilling is no joke. Petroleum engineers are probably the most paid individuals today, and their pay rightly compensates the sheer risk they face in their lines of duty. It is also a perfect reward for their ingenuity, from seeing the project take off to its successful completion.

2. Actuarial Jobs: up to $119,600

After spending hours, days or perhaps weeks, developing the best model against a particular risk, actuaries certainly deserve a humongous paycheck. Actuaries are experts in risk assessment and are relied upon to combine mathematics, statistics and financial decisions to create the right investment models. They mostly work for insurance firms, financial analysis companies and tax agencies.

3. Nuclear Engineering: up to $118,000

Nuclear engineers are yet another lot who enjoy a hefty paycheck. Their rewards suitably befit the amount of research and development they put in their work while creating processes, instruments, and systems required to tap into nuclear energy. These engineers are also relied upon in medical facilities where they must ensure that all processes that involve handling radiations are safe.

4. Chemical Engineering: up to $116,700

This career pays well, not just because the skills of chemical engineers are highly sought-after, but also due to the amount of expertise they have. Having a firm grasp of chemistry, biology, physics, and math and using it to manufacture various necessities, especially food, medicines, clothing and fuel, isn’t easy. They, therefore, deserve the pay.


5. Electronics and Communication Engineering: up to $113,200

They are versatile, creative and determined to keep inventing the next big technology. They are also credited for the massive technological innovations the world is witnessing, and thus deserve a handsome pay.

6. Computer Science: up to $112,600

Both the hardware engineers and software engineers are in high demand today, given the ever-growing demand for computers. Their pay is also a testament to how lucrative this career is.

7. Aerospace Engineering: up to $107,900

Aeronautical engineers, pretty much like their astronautical counterparts, are a special group and their experience and expertise matter a lot. They are the ones responsible for the safety of our flights as well as designing the next best aircraft, military aircraft, satellites, spacecraft, and missiles.

8. Electrical Engineering: up to $107,900

Electrical engineers have a role, bigger and better than developing and bettering electricity itself. They are at the heart of every manufacturing industry, being at the forefront to ensure that all electrical systems work efficiently.

9. Material Science and Engineering: up to $109,100

They are the ones concerned with all that’s required to manufacture plastics of different qualities. Beneath their complex tasks, which essentially involve lots of lab and research work, engineers and professionals in this career enjoy a handsome salary.

10. Physicists: up to $105,100

You probably know that for their understanding of how space, time, energy, and matter interact. They are the ones majorly responsible for developing medical technologies and treatments, besides studying atomic and subatomic particles. But away from that, Physicists receive a hefty paycheck.

11. Statisticians: up to $103,100

They collect, analyze and interpret massive numerical data before concluding governments and large institutions. Because of their flexibility and the ability to work in any industry, Statisticians are among the well-paid individuals today.

12. Mechanical Engineers: up to $101,600

From helping in the production of batteries to ensuring every ramp and elevator under production works well, mechanical engineers are an important lot in today’s world. They are also the ones who research, design and make every single engine in the world. And because of their deep understanding of advanced mechanics, thermal devices, and machines, they are paid well.

13. Software Engineers: up to $99,800

Working on the entire cycle of production of software, right from its initial paper-form to when it’s being tested before its release, is no joke. Their ingenuity, expert systematic and scientific approach and in-depth understanding of the needs of the growing software market certainly deserve a huge pay.

14. Business and IT: up to $99,100

In this expansive world, computer support specialists reign supreme, owing to the sheer number of clients they serve. Given that computers will always require specialized tech assistance, business and information technology jobs will never dry up. And experts in it will always enjoy lucrative salaries.

15. Economics: up to $97,700

The expertise in both quantitative and qualitative analysis that economists apply in different industries make them one of the highly sought-after group. They devise a strategy through which an organization could cut costs in its production and distribution channels and thus increase their profits.

16. Industrial Engineering: up to $97,200

It isn’t a coincidence that industrial engineers are well paid. This career is important because of the difference it makes in the competitive business world. Basically, industrial engineers serve to boost productivity and efficiency in areas of high activity, while ensuring that the interaction of workers, machines, materials, information, and energy deliver optimal results.

17. Applied Mathematics: up to $96,500

The fields of engineering, computer science, and business, among other important niches can’t operate without the assistance of applied mathematics gurus. All the data analyst, data scientist, and quantitative analyst everywhere apply the various mathematical theories to help in crunching numbers required in making vital decisions. And for that, applied mathematics pays relatively well.

18. Civil engineering: up to $93,400

They are the ones credited for designing and erecting all the highways, buildings, airports, bridges, tunnels and pretty much every massive structure we use. Civil engineers are a rare breed, able to think about how to solve an infrastructural problem and execute it well. Their work is tasking and hugely involving, and often involve much more than we often see in their sites.

19. Mathematics: up to $92,900

Mathematicians’ deep and well-analyzed assistance that’s often based on research and high-level computational methods help them develop simpler solutions to a complex problem. They mostly pursue a career in astronomy, medicine, robotics, and even in animation, thanks to their exemplary mathematical understanding.

20. Biomedical Engineering: up to $92,200

Biomedical engineers aren’t as popular as the other engineers, but that doesn’t mean they are of lesser importance. They are an important group in the medical world, as they essentially help customize artificial organs to replace body parts.

21. Architectural Engineering: up to $90,400

This career is exciting, mainly because it involves brilliant brains who design an awe-inspiring structure from scratch. Their pay thus reflects the amount of expertise and rigorous training they go through to ensure that every structural design they come up with is safe, beautiful and long-lasting.

22. Aviation Management: up to $90,000

These professionals are the ones you often spot at the airport. They work to ensure that everything runs smoothly and everyone gets an awesome travel experience. A career in this wholly-exciting industry can be satisfying, besides the hefty pay.

23. Computer Information Systems: up to $89,900

If you would like to be an IT manager or IT project manager in the future, then this should be the career of your dreams. Some of the roles in this career include network security, planning how to install and maintain the systems, and so forth.

24. Construction Management: up to $89,900

A career as a project manager and see off a project, right from its start to the end, can be incredible. You will prepare preliminary cost estimates, draft timetables, and set the projects’ budgets. Part of what a project manager does also is to liaise with other experts and help ensure the project is executed well.

25. Biotechnologist: up to $89,000

If you would like to pursue a career in either healthcare or agriculture, then you’ve got to think about being a biotechnologist. Your duties will include developing genetically-modified, high-yield crops or even development antibiotics. Typical employment facilities are government institutions as well as a host of private companies.

For a college graduate looking to launch a fulfilling, yet well-paying career, you should consider looking for a job from a company falling under any of them.