10 Online Job Portals to Find Work During Summer for Students

10 Online Job Portals to Find Work During Summer for Students

Statistics show that a summer job prepares you for adulthood. From communication skills to leadership skills, a summer job offers real benefits that last a lifetime. Although a summer job will likely not allow you to earn enough money to retire, researchers are finding that people who take the initiative and find a summer job earn significantly more money over the course of their lives than people who do not.

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As such, finding a job is critical to lifetime success and happiness. The trick, however, is knowing where to look.


For teens 14 and older, Teens4Hire is an online community designed to help members look for jobs and employers look for earnest teens prepared to work. A main goal of this organization is to help teens improve skills they will need to land a job. Individuals can choose from a free or premium online membership. The free membership includes access to resources and tips, and it offers job seekers the ability to apply for jobs right from the site.

The premium membership requires a one-time fee of $39. In addition to the free membership benefits, premium members are provided a variety of helpful resources, such as e-learning webinars and e-books that provide tips on job hunting. These tools are tailored specifically to address the needs of teens seeking employment. Perhaps the best part of this membership level is the job readiness and certification program called “The A Game.” It is an online certification program that teaches teens seven fundamental work-place values that help prepare them for success in the workplace. People who earn this certificate are able to show employers they have the skills to be successful in the workplace, so it offers teens an edge when it comes to competing for jobs.


Filled with information uploaded by summer employers, this site provides the most up-to-date summer job posting, videos, and news. From jobs at summer camps to resort jobs, users are provided access to summer jobs in such places as the United States, Spain, and the UK. For overseas applicants, Season Workers includes information regarding work permits and visas.

In addition to receiving access to job postings, users can learn about a variety of topics, such as where to look for a job and the types of jobs that are commonly available during the summer. Season Workers also provides free access to valuable tips on how to prepare for a job interview. Users can learn about typical questions interviewers will ask and how to answer them. Users also learn how to make a good first impression as there are even tips on how to dress for an interview. Finally, Season Workers provides a message board where job seekers can ask questions and obtain first-hand accounts from seasoned summer workers.


Founded in 1995, CoolWorks is dedicated to helping individuals find jobs that provide them the opportunity live and work in amazing places, such as dude ranches, retreat centers, and national parks. There are also listings for more traditional jobs in categories like education or administration. Additionally, CoolWorks provides summer job information for teens.

Using the site’s filter options, searches can be refined to include specific states or national parks. Most importantly, the filters allow users to exclusively search for summer jobs in locations that are looking to hire workers immediately. Filled with resources to help job seekers find that perfect summer job, users can also read about first-hand accounts from people who struggled to find jobs and how they finally succeeded.


Internweb is designed specifically to connect users with summer internships, paid internships, and entry level jobs. The database contains thousands of internships to choose from. Membership is free, and users can register for an account if they want to apply for an internship or job.

In addition to the seemingly endless internship and job postings, users can also access information regarding how to land an internship. He or she can learn about the importance of obtaining experience before applying to an internship position and how volunteer activities bolster a resume when applying for an internship. In terms of applying, this site provides valuable information regarding how to write a cover letter and resume. It also offers tips on interviewing skills and the importance of following up after an interview.


According to JobMonkey, the site provides its users access to the “coolest jobs”. Individuals can explore job postings and obtain tips and industry-specific information. Videos are also included for some jobs to help users get a better feel for what a specific job may be like.

Organized in an extremely user-friendly way, a job seeker can quickly find seasonal employment opportunities. He or she can also explore a variety of cool jobs, such as working at an amusement park, a camp, or a dude ranch. Other opportunities focus on outdoor jobs, such as working at a national park. Some offer the opportunity working at a resort where employees oversee river kayaking or rafting. Applying directly from the site is made easy as users can review the job details and simply click to apply and send in an application.


Designed with the younger job seeker in mind, SummerJobs provides its users with a comprehensive search bar that helps search by region. This site is partnered with a variety of search engines that include ResortJobs.com, OverseasJobs.com, and SeasonalJobs.com, and this partnership provides job seekers with the ability to search extremely diverse job opportunities.

SummerJobs provides youths a variety of options to learn new skills intended to help better prepare them for future careers. For users that may have difficulty finding what they are looking for, the site has a section dedicated to providing tips on how to search more effectively.


SummerJobFinder is a site dedicated to providing its users the ability to apply for, as they put it, the “world’s best summer jobs.” High school students, college students, and individuals looking for part-time seasonal employment will appreciate the diversity of jobs and detailed information regarding each type of job this site has to offer. Users can learn about specific job requirements and where to look for them. Users also enjoy detailed, up-to-date information regarding available jobs.

However, the site offers more. For instance, insider tips on how to assess and choose the right job are another benefit this site offers. Finally, individuals interested in traveling abroad can learn about jobs that provide room and board as well as travel reimbursement.


Launched in 2004, Indeed is the number one job site on the internet. With over 200 million unique monthly visitors and over nine jobs per second added to the site, Indeed is unmatched in its capacity to provide individuals looking for employment the ability to find, apply, and obtain a job.

Because users can search easily in a variety of categories, finding a job that meets an individual’s specific needs is made that much easier. Finally, this search engine pores over thousands of staffing firm sites, company career pages, and job boards to assemble an amazingly comprehensive list of jobs to choose from.


SimplyHired focuses on helping individuals find the right job. Users simply enter the city, state, or zip code in the search bar, and they can instantly view a large variety of potential jobs for the summer time. Additional search tools help users narrow their searches to such things as internships, temporary gigs, and full-time jobs. Minimum salary and information regarding when jobs are posted help users further refine their search, making looking for summer work a bit less stressful.

Users can also view jobs located outside of the Unites States. For instance, SimplyHired provides users access to job postings in Brazil, Australia, and South Africa. Additionally, the site features a resume builder that provides numerous resume templates as well as writing examples tailored to specific jobs. To receive job alerts, users can simply provide an email address. Applying to a job is as easy as uploading a resume, cover letter, and answering a few simple questions.


LocalWise helps users find a job in the summer by having them simply enter a keyword along with the city and state of interest. The site partners with over 20 job sites, which helps them to provide its users with the most up-to-date job information. Although users do not need to sign in to view a job posting, users must sign in to apply for a job. Once signed in, users can access additional features. For instance, LocalWise allows users to bookmark a job or follow a job posting.

Another great feature is what is known as LocalWise’s Talent. This feature provides job seekers access to LocalWise Recruiters, and these recruiters help match individuals seeking employment with job opportunities. The recruiting services afford job seekers up to 10 times more of a chance of finding a job. Additionally, they are placed on an accelerated interview track with potential employers.

One tip for future success

In the same way that people who find summer work obtain skills that help them earn more money over the course of a lifetime than people who do not find jobs early in life, people who use the financial tools available to them are able to better manage their money. In today’s smartphone world, it is very smart to have at your fingertips the financial resources to help you keep the money you earn. When you are looking for an app, it is best to shop around before selecting one.

In general, you should look for one that helps you set goals and track your progress to those goals. Additionally, you should find one with plenty of tips and resources to help you better manage your money.