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Finances and Frugality: Saving For Life’s Big Moments

Saving For Life's Big Moments

How are you saving for life’s big moments?

Whether you’re planning on buying a house, getting married, having a baby or booking the holiday of a lifetime- life’s big moments require funds. And more often than not, quite a lot of money is needed. It can be tricky when you don’t have heaps of disposable income to put away the cash that you need, but it’s not impossible and there are things that the average person can do to speed things up. Here are some ideas. 

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How to Save Money on Your Utility Bill

Save Money on Your Utility Bills

Most households spend a couple thousand dollars, if not more, on utility costs each year. These costs can include gas, water, and electricity expenditures. However, you can greatly decrease these expenses by altering your energy usage. Don’t worry—the methods listed below don’t require serious lifestyle changes, such as taking fewer showers to conserve water or living in the dark to save electricity. In fact, these alterations may even make your life a little easier while saving you money. To learn more, check out these tips on how to save money on your utility bill.

Properly insulate your home

Insulating your home will slow the movement of heat through your walls, attic, and roof by creating a thermal barrier. If your home isn’t properly insulated, warm air will escape in the winter and cool air will escape in the summer. By reducing this air flow, you’ll use far less energy to control the temperature of your home, and your utility bill will greatly decrease as a result.

Use energy-efficient light bulbs

Swapping out your old incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs is an extremely affordable change that can save you a ton of money. These energy-efficient light bulbs last much longer and put far less strain on your energy bill. While incandescent light bulbs use around 60 watts of energy, CFL bulbs use only 14 watts, and LEDs use 10 watts.

Fully seal appliances

If your fridge, freezer, and oven aren’t properly sealed, cold and hot air can escape. This air leak doesn’t just make your appliances less efficient; it also wastes a lot of money by upping your energy costs. To save money, make sure to fully seal all your appliances.

Get a programmable thermostat

If you aren’t at home, there’s no reason for your air conditioner or heater to work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. By getting a programmable thermostat, you can schedule it to drop or raise the temperature a few degrees whenever you’re at work or away from home. By doing so, you could save a considerable amount on your electricity bill.

Repair leaky faucets

While that slow-dripping faucet might not seem like that big of a problem, it’s wasting gallons of water throughout the day. Over time, this can make a serious impact on your utility bill. To make sure this isn’t happening to you, check all your faucets and repair them immediately if you notice a leak.

Swap your showerhead

Simply switching to a more efficient showerhead can save thousands of gallons of water each year. Low-flow showerheads work just like regular ones, except they push out less water. These showerheads are generally inexpensive, and they can significantly reduce your utility bill, especially if you or someone in your household is particularly fond of long showers.

Use cold water to wash your clothes

Most of the energy used by your washing machine is used to heat the water. By opting to wash your clothes in cold water instead, the amount of energy the machine uses will greatly decrease. As a bonus, the colors of your clothes won’t fade as quickly.

6 Surprising Ways to Upgrade your Spending Strategies

6 Surprising Ways to Upgrade your Spending Strategies

Do you ever wish that you could save more and spend less?

One of the best ways to improve your budget is to look for ways that you can banish certain expenses from your routine. For instance, if you’ve got a subscription that you never use that’s eating your cash every month, canceling it will mean that you have more money to spend elsewhere.

However, there’s another side to budgeting too, and that involves making sure that you have the right strategy in place when you need to spend. Here, we’re going to look for ways that you can become a savvy spender and save more in the process.

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A Guide To Holiday Cost Cutting

A Guide to Holiday Cost Cutting

There’s no doubt that many of us love to travel and holiday. Whether it’s taking a warm beach vacation, visiting the snow, hiking mountains or becoming immersed in culture, it’s a great feeling being able to take a break and relax. Most of us wish we could take holidays more often, but the costs of going on heading away is what prevents many of us from doing so. Whilst going on holidays is no cheap activity, there are always ways around spending big and still having a good time. Here, we explore how to cut costs during your holiday whilst still making the most of it.

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Cutting The Cost Of Car Repairs

cost of car repair

Car ownership comes with many costs. One of the most expensive costs can be repairs – several trip to the mechanics can often cost more than the value of the car. To help save money on repairs, here are just a few cost-cutting tricks to consider.

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Thrift Shopping: How To Get More With Limited Cash

thrift shopping

Shoppers who have big bank balance don’t think much about the cost of an item before buying, whereas people with a limited shopping budget would be much concerned about the price tags. If you also choose an item after looking at its price tag then you might want to know how to lower your shopping bills to save a good amount of money. In this article, we have discussed the same in order to help you better.

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How to Make Your Car Last Longer

How to Make Your Car Last Longer

Cars can be expensive, but for many people, they aren’t a luxury. If you depend on an automobile to get around, you will be concerned with prolonging your car’s life and saving your hard earned cash. Here’s how to get more miles for your money, and spare yourself the additional stress and expense that comes from a neglected automobile.

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Investing for Beginners: How to Get Started

Investing for beginners 

So you’re ready to dive into investing! Great move! Trust us, it’s not nearly as intimidating as the so-called “pros” would have you think.

As a beginning investor, you probably have a lot of questions swirling in your head. When should I start investing? What are the best types of investments to pursue? Should I hire a financial advisor to make sure I don’t screw it up?

It can seem overwhelming, but have no fear. We’re here to answer those questions and provide you with a few simple steps to get your foot in the door. Before you know it, you’ll be investing your way to financial freedom! Let’s get started.

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Could a Greener Lifestyle be Cheaper?

Could a Greener Lifestyle be Cheaper

We should all be trying to make our lifestyles greener for the sake of the planet. But working out where to start and how to afford that lifestyle can be a little trickier.

A greener lifestyle can be much cheaper in many ways. As some of the main ideas around green living are to have as little impact on the planet, you can’t really justify going out shopping for new stuff every weekend and disposable fashion is a firm no.

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