Top 25 Highest Paying Careers for College Graduates in 2019

Top 25 Highest Paying Careers for College Graduates in 2019

Every year, millions of college students graduate, hoping to get absorbed by the job market and hopefully get a handsome paycheck. The reality though, is that not every career is as lucrative as they had always believed.

And, it is true, not every career is capable of paying handsomely, according to the CNBC. The few that reward well fall under the STEM category, which again isn’t surprising at all.

The following are possibly the most, well-paying industries one could pursue a career at.

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6 Practical Money Management Skills Every College Student and Recent Grad Need to Know

money management skills for college students

College life is a hell of a roller-coaster experience, and every current student or recent grad can relate. From attending lectures, living alone possibly for the first time in one’s life, being the sole custodian of one’s finances and, of course, enjoying the newfound freedom, it is an experience one will forever remember.

But as they say, freedom comes with responsibilities. For a college student, one among these responsibilities is how you prudently manage your money and steer away from screwing up. It is in college where both the money-savvy and the extravagant chart the course of their lives.

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How to Pay Off Your Student Loans Quickly: 7 Crazy-Ass Tips that Work

How to Pay Off Your Student Loans Quickly

Finally, you’ve decided to pay back the so-called student loans. It’s a decision that, though it isn’t fun at all, you have no other alternative, but to make. And there’s nothing funny about it at all!

At a time when almost everyone seemingly hasn’t paid this debt, and it’s already hitting an all-time high of $1.5 trillion, your decision is definitely laudable. But even though you have decided to stop the shame of student loan defaulters from following you, there’s one other thing you certainly need to address as well.

You need the loan cleared ASAP and the responsibility put to rest forever. But you have no idea how you’ll get that done. Of course, the idea of repaying it for 20 years is out of the equation.

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Smart and Doable: How College Students Can Save Money Now

Smart and Doable: How College Students Can Save Money Now

Saving money in college might appear a little bit impossible, given the little amount a student possibly has. But even the tight budget you have can allow you to set aside a few bucks for your savings. Besides, it is absolutely doable!

Think about it. Your side hustle starts generating more money, and your college life starts to feel great. Your tuition, room and board, food and several other expenses have been catered for, and all you have is a lot to finance your college escapades.

Well, it is acceptable to enjoy the freedom of being a college student. But don’t screw up by wasting the entire chunk of money you’ve toiled hard for when you could save a fraction of it. Instead, learn to save and live on a tight budget.

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Why You Should Start A Stock Trading Side Hustle

trading stocks

Our buddy Russell shares some awesome stock trading tips in this guest post.  Enjoy!

I started trading stocks online in 2014 to try and make some extra money as quickly as possible. I think it’s fair to say that stock trading has dramatically improved our (my wife Maleah and I) lives and changed how we live forever.

We started trading stocks when we were living in rainy Seattle and living paycheck to paycheck. I was working at a demanding full-time job but still struggling to pay our bills. I had to get up at 6 am to start trading stocks at 6:30 am when the stock market opens on the west coast.

Looking back, it is pretty amazing that we didn’t just lose all our money! Somehow, we were able to make quite a few thousand dollars and paid off some our student loans. I vividly remember the excitement, hope, anxiety and ecstatic highs that were part of our first steps into online stock trading.

We still trade stocks and write about our trades on our stock trading review website.

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How I Paid Off $20,000 in Student Loan Debt

student loan debt

Remember when you just graduated college?  The very last thing you ever thought about was student loan debt.

After all, you were so excited to take on the world.  You thought you had a plan for your life and, if you were lucky, you had a job lined up before graduation.

No, you didn’t worry about budgets.  You probably didn’t even know what debt was.  Wasn’t a bill something your parents paid?

Then, you get your first paycheck and it’s not as big as you would hoped.  Taxes and all other fun stuff rob you of that juicy gross income.  Further, you get smacked with a student loan bill that you may have not even realized existed.

When Anna and I were just starting out, we neglected to keep a budget.  We paid for the big television package that had all the interesting business channels that we enjoyed watching.  Yes, we are news and financial nerds.

One Saturday night, in particular, we sat down to watch some TV before bed and on came Dave Ramsey on the Fox Business Network.  His opening line was (which is all too familiar to us now) was about living like no one else, so that someday you can live like no one else.

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