25 Best Side Hustles for College Students in 2019

best side hustles for college students

Life in college isn’t all fun and glamorous. It has lots of studying, dreading all those ‘end-of-year’ examinations, and of course, running out of pocket money.  And nothing really sucks more than being broke in college!

But in an era where lots of student-oriented side hustles could easily get you out of that brokenness, you have no reason to go broke. You deserve to enjoy life as a student; to dress well, eat like the son of a king, walk with the finest girls, and pay your own bills from your pocket. You deserve to live a life you will reminiscence.

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Wondering how you can earn money as a college student and still get time to study? Today, I’m giving you a whole 55 incredible side jobs you could do and make a modest income while eating those books.

Well, let’s get started!

Here are the 25 best side hustles for college students

1. Edit your Classmates’ Assignments!

Not every single member of your class is as smart as you are. Or, is as determined and never submits top-notch papers like you. And with that, you can be that ‘go-to’ guy and earn a decent pay for everyone in your class. You edit and proofread their work and deliver A-grade papers within your school or even expand to the internet where lots of essay websites would be glad to hire you.

2. Or, be an Online Tutor

Don’t let your in-depth understanding of Math, French, Chemistry, Psychology, or pretty much anything go to waste. Lots of students pay big bucks hourly to get professional tutorial services online today, especially among those in college and elementary school. Sites to try include Chegg Tutor, Coursehero, Wyzant, and PopExpert.

3. Review Apps and Websites

App reviewing is a perfect side hustle for you who often need a little money to fund your entertainment escapades. It’s such an easy task and requires no prior experience. Check out Apperwall and UserTesting.com to get started.

4. Write ‘em Resumes and Cover Letters

Everyone within your clique of friends silently needs an expert in writing Resumes and Cover letters. And it’s just upon you to ask them to let you draft one for a little pay. Once done, ask each one of them to fetch you a client. Your base will grow, similar to your wallet!

5. Be a VA online

Head over to Upwork, Fiverr or LinkedIn and look for one those big money kinda guys looking to outsource “Virtual Assistant-type ‘o work.” They’ll pay you several hundred dollars a month to respond to their emails, handle basic writing, do simple research, and handle other petty work. The best part? Everything happens remotely!

6. Work as a Delivery Guy

Rich college students are a lazy lot and love takeout. Eateries and fast food restaurants, on the other hand, always need someone swift and energetic to get them their orders on time. Now imagine how much you’d be paid for being the delivery guy with UberEats, GrubHub and DoorDash using your bike?

7. Auction Stock Photos

Shutterstock is one perfect place to sell your lots of stock photos. You could sell an image of pretty much ANYTHING! Just make sure the photos are unique and creatively shot and are in HD. Use your phone to take them before you buy a decent cam for photography.

8. Try driving for Uber or Lyft

Students love riding on taxis, and you can earn a lot driving them around the college. But even if you have no car yet, and your mom’s or dad’s car lies under the shade the whole day, you could use it. Provided you have your DL, and your parents are Ok with it, why not? Start with Uber or Lyft and earn a little when you aren’t studying.

9. Someone’s looking to hire you to do laundry

Well, not precisely washing alone, some bit of gardening, landscaping, and mowing lawns. And they’ll pay a few hundred bucks for a few hours of work. You could hire a weed whacker and mower if you don’t have one!

10. Love pets?

Well, pet sitting when you aren’t too busy with classwork isn’t a bad idea. Head over to Rover and TaskRabbit and build a profile – pet owners will soon start calling.

Other equally incredible side hustles for college students are:

  1. Selling stuff on eBay, Craigslist or Amazon. You could start with whatever you no longer use or even advertise someone else’s stuff for a commission.
  2. Take a genuine online survey; one of those that actually pay cash. Sites to check out include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks Survey, Pinecone, and Toluna.
  3. PostMate, when you aren’t in class, isn’t a bad idea, especially when you are broke and their $25 per hour will do you wonders.
  4. Be a tour guide, especially if your institution is located in a “touristy” town. Airbnb and several other tour websites are perfect for you to showcase your tour-guiding skills.
  5. Sell your crafts on Etsy – all those handmade artwork, homemade greeting cards, crocheted scarves, or just about anything!
  6. Can you ‘housesit’ when college close? Well, try placing an ad on Craigslist. Other sites include Housesitter.com, Trustedhousesitters.com, and Rover. And YEP, the pay is good!
  7. Be an Overnight Attendant at a local motel, a nursing home, or any other facility that could need overnight attendants.
  8. Join a local moving company as an extra pair of hands, of course, for a pay. They’ll gladly accept you!
  9. Captioning and Data Entry is perfect for you who derive lots of pleasure being alone in your dorm. Start with Thesmartcowd.com, Clickworker.com, and DionData Solutions.
  10. Design and sell T-Shirts. Those inscribed with funny sayings and phrases often sell. Away from college, use Zazzle and Cafepress.
  11. Be a Transcriptionist on Upwork, especially if your listening and typing skills are out of this world.
  12. Or, be a Translator on Fiverr.com, LiveTranslation.com or Upwork.
  13. Can you do Voice-Over Work? Well then, Fiverr.com has lots of clients looking for you.
  14. Put your killer Graphic Design and Logo Design skills into practice. Create anything – from catalogs and brochures to images for websites, blogs, and social media, all that for pay. Use Upwork and Fiverr.
  15. Sing Karaoke at a local bar. Or, use YouTube and do cover songs of favorite hits.

And there are a lot more!

See? You have no reason to walk around on an empty wallet, yet lots of these side hustles can easily suit your college life. Use the internet to make money, and you may never go hungry again. If the web isn’t your best of places, try creating something that’s in demand around you.

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