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Bad Money Habits: Why You Will Always Be Poor


bad money habits

Understand this:

It’s very easy to fall into bad habits, especially when it comes to money. Bad money habits are so prominent that it’s a cliche at this point.

You like to spend, and you like to save, but you’ve never managed to quite find the right balance between the two.

And because of this, you start out by having one bad week with your finances, and you’re not looking forward to having no cash on your side come the weekend!

So it’s clear you need a bit of help to recover from that one week alone. But, you just never do it seems.

It probably looks like this. Maybe you just overspent on Monday. Maybe you took a day off last week and didn’t get as big a paycheck this week. Or maybe math was just never your strong suit at school.

Rinse and repeat.

Whatever the cause, make sure these bad money habits don’t continue with these tips below.

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